Some writers get the chance to direct their work. Efram has been directing his own screenplays or ones developed with another writer for over a decade. He's also edited each film, both shorts and features. This experience has given him a keen sense of what works from page to final cut.




On Set

Forged in the independent film world, Efram has experience with many of the disciplines vital in telling a dynamic visual story. He's worked as a writer, producer, storyboard artist, 1st AD, actor, editor, sound designer, and visual effects artist.
He has also had experience directing within the Hollywood system. He was chosen out of a pool of thousands to direct a Miramax feature film starring Shia Lebouf.





Movie Magic

Efram started developing his eye for vfx as a teenager, always dissecting how movie effects were achieved. He learned what approaches worked, which didn't and why. As a filmmaker he learned to use different visual techniques to his advantage, striving to find ways to trick the eye . Today he approaches visual effects with an emphasis on organic detail and creative restraint.

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