Efram comes to the keyboard with over fifteen years experience writing for the screen. Having also directed and edited several of the scripts he's written/developed, Efram has a keen sense of how a script translates from the page to final cut. He's presently busy developing a number of original feature film screenplays.


Efram is an award-winning filmmaker with over twenty years experience. In the last decade he's directed over ten award-winning short films, one of which was considered for an Oscar nomination. In 2003 he was chosen out of thousands to direct the Miramax feature “The Battle of Shaker Heights” starring Shia LeBeouf.
A talented illustrator, editor, visual effects artist and sound designer, Efram brings a variety of skills to the table, allowing him to execute a dynamic directorial vision.


A skilled visual effects artist and supervisor, Efram has a strong background in traditional cell and stop-motion animation plus over twelve years experience in CGI. He brings to his VFX work his years of directing character performance, his editor's skills for rhythm and pacing, and his artist's eye for color and composition.


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